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Our major responsibilities are listed on our Core Projects page. Here you will find descriptions of some of our additional projects. Contact us if you have an idea for a project, big or small!

Support for Fundraising

We provide support for departmental fundraising and development. In our most recent effort we created the fundraising campaign video for the Robin Becker Award in Creative Writing. The campaign exceeded its goal of raising $20,000.     Project Status Planning...

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Support for KLIO Online

We act as website design consultants for KLIO Online, Penn State's online literary magazine. Launched in fall 2016, KLIO Online extends the reach of KALLIOPE by publishing student literary and artistic works online, curating and offering online works from past print...

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Podcasting for State of the Story

We help State of the Story produce podcasts for their monthly storytelling event held at the State Theatre in State College. The State of the Story is modeled after The Moth, an internationally renowned organization that brings true stories “told live and without...

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Proposal Consultations

We consult with researchers and teachers who are writing internal and external proposals for digital English projects. We help them develop plans and prototypes and partner on proposals where it makes sense to do so.   Project Status Planning Developing Testing in...

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littleBits for Technical Writing

We develop and support materials for our technical writing course that integrate littleBits into the instruction set assignment. Students work in Penn State's Maker Commons to create small inventions and document them.   Project Status Planning Developing Testing in...

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Penn Statements Online

We help the Program in Writing and Rhetoric produce an online version of Penn Statements, a book of student work in first-year composition. The online version features multimodal projects and archives them for future use.   Project Status Planning Developing...

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Videos for Penn State English

We create videos to help promote the English major to incoming and undecided students. We also produce shorter videos to introduce the concentrations within the English major: Literary and Cultural Studies, Creative Writing, Professional and Media Writing, and...

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Paperless Grading Initiative

We encourage paperless grading practices for English teachers using laptops and tablet devices. Our goal is to help teachers transition from paper-based to screen-based approaches. The teachers involved in this initiative are using different methods to collect...

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iPads for Instructors

We maintain a fleet of iPads in a lending library for instructors. We help instructors think about how to use iPads to support their work. This project was initiated by a $25,000 grant from ETS. ETS purchased iPads (and accessories) to support a study of iPad use in...

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Reading Series Archive

We help record the guest speakers in the English department's Creative Writing Reading Series for publication on the Penn State Creative Writing YouTube channel. This archive allows students and faculty members to watch performances they missed, revisit readings, or...

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