Teaching with Technology Certificate

The Digital English Studio assists graduate students and lecturers in English who are working to earn Penn State’s Teaching with Technology Certificate. We help people craft teaching with technology philosophy statements and other reflective materials, integrate technology into their courses, and design digital teaching portfolios.

If you’re interested in earning a Teaching with Technology Certificate your first step is to contact us. We will then schedule an initial meeting with you to explain the process and create an action plan.

Certificate aspirants can learn more about the process for earning a Certificate here.

Note: The Certificate program is in the process of being relocated to the College of Liberal Arts. New details will be available soon.


Browse the portfolio of a Certificate earner

Browse the portfolio of a Certificate earner

Certificate Earners

Samantha Dickinson
Paul Zajac
Leslie Mateer
Jan Babcock
Ethan Mannon
Heather Adams
Molly Lehman
Sarah Salter
Rachel Bara
Amanda Passmore
Alison Jaenicke
Nicole Egley
Sarah Summers
Emily Baldys
Kimberly Andrews
Jeannette Novakovich
Rachel Mennies
Sarah Birge
Karlys White
Lindsey Jones
Rebecca Wilson Lundin
Verna Kale
Allison Schuette
Kristin Jacobson
Breyan Strickler
Elisa Beshero-Bondar
Jordynn Jack

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